The Top 3 Tile Trends of 2022

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Tile is versatile (— get it?!). The variety of materials from which a tile can be made, as well as the countless shapes and colors it can display, make tile a good design choice for many different objectives. With tile you can emphasize or define a space; create a durable and low maintenance flooring or backsplash; mitigate climate and health-related issues; showcase your own personality; and more! Tile is also relatively easy to install, replace and repair and usually very affordable. Take a look at three tile trends we are seeing in 2022:

Simple and Clean

Well-being is a major concern all around the world right now; the pandemic has inspired a renewed attention to health and cleanliness that is forcing us to reconsider what is really important in life. Perhaps that has spilled over into our design choices, because a lot of people nowadays are choosing tile that lends a spa-like air to a room. It makes sense; our design options are moving toward features with uncomplicated and organic lines, much like the spa retreats where we feel safe and can relax. Simple tiles in soothing colors, with little decoration and that can be easily wiped down and cleaned are replacing the eclectic mishmash of elements that made boho decor all the rage just a few years ago.

Au Naturel

Our collective need for simplicity is necessarily also returning us to nature. With COVID-19 highlighting disease and destruction, we are recognizing the value of space and air. We’re paying a lot more attention to the earth and how we can respect and protect her so that we have the resources we need to live long and happy lives. In this way, tiles that have been handcrafted and hand-glazed out of natural materials (like stone and wood) are being chosen as an homage to our planet and the people on it. 

Geometric Designs

Finally, we’re seeing a lot of geometric shapes in the tiles being chosen this year. Hexagons are particularly on trend in 2022, maybe due to the aforementioned nod to nature and all things natural and organic. 

Want to Learn More about Tile Trends and Other Design Features?

While it can be interesting to learn about tile and other design trends, good design incorporates a lot more than those elements that are currently all the rage. To learn more about the tile trends of 2022, as well as all the other things to go into an enduring design plan, please contact Capital Kitchen and Bath. Our experience and expertise can help you plan a space that will serve you well into the future!

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