5 Questions to Ask Your Kitchen and Bath Designer

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Choosing to remodel a bathroom or kitchen is a big decision. There are many details to consider, but the right design partner can make it a lot less stressful, offering advice and managing the process so that have the tools you need to turn your dream into a reality. The key is picking the right kitchen and bath designer. Take a look at five essential questions you need to ask potential design partners if you want to ensure you choose the one best equipped to help you with your own remodeling needs:

What are Your Qualifications as a Kitchen and Bath Designer?

An ideal kitchen and bath designer will have a formal education, as well as experience in home design and construction. That’s not to say a professional with only one of these types of credentials can’t properly perform remodeling services. But a mixture of the two often translates into practical expertise that enables him or her to more effectively manage the details of your own specific kitchen or bath project. Look for design firms that have professional designers on staff; are members of one or more national design associations; and can demonstrate a wide range of projects in their portfolios.

Are You and Your Contractors Licensed and Insured?

You’ll also want to verify that the people you hire across the duration of your design project are properly licensed and insured. In addition to your actual kitchen and bath designer(s) having professional licenses and being insured themselves, you’ll also want to make sure that the contractors with whom they partner maintain the appropriate licenses, as well. It takes a team of people to complete most design projects, with certain parts of a remodeling or construction job being farmed out to different companies or tradesmen for their completion. All players will need to be properly licensed and insured in order to protect you from unnecessary costs should an accident or other problem occur. A good kitchen and bath designer will only work with this type of professional partner.

Do You Have a Portfolio and References?

Viewing examples of a kitchen and bath designer’s work is a critical part of the design process. A portfolio not only indicates the quality of a designer’s work, it can serve as inspiration for your own project. Look over the portfolios of potential kitchen and bath designers and talk to their previous clients so that you better understand their specific capabilities and styles and are able to choose the one whose skills and tastes best match your own interests and needs.

What Services Do You Provide?

Not all kitchen and bath designers provide the same level of services. Some might only provide the design, while others will oversee the entire remodeling process. Determine what services you need and look for a kitchen and bath designer who can provide them.

What Makes You Unique as a Kitchen and Bath Designer?

Finally, find out what makes a kitchen and bath designer unique by asking them how they would work with you to deliver the kitchen or bath of your dreams. Make them sell themselves to you. It’s your dream room, after all; the right designer will be able to turn your vision into a unique — and functional — space that’s meant just for you!

Want to Learn More?

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking a potential kitchen and bath designer. To learn more about finding the right designer for your own special project, please contact Capital Kitchen and Bath. Members of our team are always eager to explain the dynamics of the design and construction process. We’d be happy to answer these and any other questions you might have!

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