Top High Tech Kitchen Gadgets to Shop in 2022

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Keeping a well-stocked kitchen can make your daily life much easier, but that doesn’t just mean keeping your favorite foods and recipe staples on hand. High tech kitchen gadgets can make cooking, cleaning, and spending time in the kitchen even more convenient and enjoyable. While watching movies on your fridge or talking to your microwave might not seem necessary, these smart kitchen gadgets are great additions to any household that can make your life easier, whether you’re passionate about cooking and spending hours in the kitchen or just want to make cooking your favorite quick staple meals even simpler. 

Some of the best high tech kitchen gadgets on the market in 2022 include:

Smart Faucet

A smart faucet with motion control and other features can add a surprising amount of convenience to your life. A faucet and sink equipped with motion control sensors means you never need to touch your faucet, reducing messes and simplifying your cooking or cleaning experiences. Some smart faucets even connect to an app that allows you to use voice control to turn on and adjust your water pressure and temperature, adding additional convenience, and many can be controlled by connecting to devices such as a Google Home with Alexa voice control.

Smart Fridge 

Make cooking, organizing, and spending time with your family in the kitchen even better by investing in a smart fridge. While this might seem like a luxury appliance that is not essential, you might be surprised by how much easier a smart fridge can make your life both in and out of the kitchen. Play music or podcasts from your favorite streaming apps such as Spotify and Apple Music straight from your fridge, or stream your favorite TV shows from Netflix or Hulu to make long hours spend prepping or cooking go by faster. You can even program some smart fridges to mirror a TV in another room of your home, so you can grab a snack with no interruptions. One feature that many smart fridge owners enjoy is the ability to add items to a digital shopping list or order them on demand from delivery apps like Instacart, making it easier than ever to ensure that your fridge is stocked with everything you need to meal prep or plan like a pro. 

Smart Microwave 

It might feel weird to talk to your microwave, but having the ability to operate such an appliance with voice control can make life in the kitchen much easier. Start and stop your microwave and adjust cooking times with voice control that can sync with other devices and technology such as your Amazon Alexa, and make cooking a quick meal or reheating leftovers even simpler. Plus, many smart microwaves are equipped with technology that can automatically sense when your food is cooked and ready to eat, so your food will be perfect every time. 

While all of these smart appliances have the potential to make your life easier in and out of the kitchen, the high tech gadgets you should add to your home depend on your personal preferences and needs; and with so many options on the market, it can be tough to find high tech kitchen appliances that will look right in your space. To learn more about combining functional, high tech gadgets and style to create a serviceable and stylish space, contact our team of designers at Capitol Kitchen and Bath. 

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