4 Decorative Hardware Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2022

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One of the easiest ways to make a statement in a home is to choose eye-catching hardware. It’s a lot like jewelry tying together an outfit, with decorative hardware bestowing a polished and distinctly “you” look to your home and enhancing the overall design plan. Here are a few decorative hardware trends to keep on eye on in 2022:

Coordination is Key

Bohemian is out. Uniformity is in. Today’s decorative hardware is often chosen to unify design elements, pulling together features that match and, thus, provide continuity to a space. Gone are the days of mismatched cabinet knobs and different-colored hardware finishes (except perhaps when the hardware color is chosen to highlight or offset one specific element, like a sink or mirror).

Pulls are Popular

While at one time it might have been standard to use knobs to open all cabinetry (since there were limited hardware options before the 1950s/1960s), it has become increasingly common for knobs to be used on cabinet doors and pulls to be used on drawers. Our designers here at Capitol Kitchen and Bath, however, are seeing more and more homeowners choosing to use pulls for everything. Pulls are not only easier to grasp than knobs, they can be aligned vertically or horizontally to further add interest to a space. 

Gold (and Antique Gray) for the Win

Color is obviously a personal preference, as are most design features. But in 2022, gold and antique grey are particularly popular. Of course, today, if you can imagine a color, designers can put it on anything! 

Sleek, Not Slack

We’ve mentioned this in some of our other blog posts, but contemporary design continues to focus on sleek, clean lines (perhaps in response to the chaos of the past few years due to COVID-19). With some much uncertainty in the world, it seems people are harkening back to simple designs that highlight continuity and well-being and leaves nothing hidden.

The Capital Kitchen and Bath Advantage

Of course, trends come and go. These are just a few of the design elements that are currently making a splash in today’s kitchens and baths. To maximize the longevity of any trend, you need to choose a style and features that you love. Our design team at Capital Kitchen and Bath can help you review current market trends, evaluate your needs and identify your own creative style so that you are able to create a design that maximizes your budget, satisfies your tastes and stands the test of time. Please contact us to learn more!

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