Curbless Shower Ideas To Inspire Your Bathroom Projects in 2023

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A curbless shower — also called a zero entry shower — is a shower that has a threshold resting directly on the bathroom floor. Unlike other shower designs or tub/shower combos, curbless showers have no lip or curb to step over when entering and exiting the shower stall. They have become wildly popular over the past few years, no doubt in part because they are elegant and extremely easy to clean. Take a look at these curbless shower ideas to inspire your bathroom projects as we head into the new year:

Bye, Bye, Curb, as well as Door!

If you’re considering getting rid of your shower’s curb, you might as well consider getting rid of its door, too! The open-concept shower has long been common in Europe and is becoming more and more fashionable here in the States as people have started to realize its benefits; not only do doorless showers convey a sense of spaciousness, they eliminate the need for a curtain, which can harbor all types of germs and a lot of dirt! Furthermore, a curbless, doorless shower is a lot easier to clean since there are no crevices to trap and accumulate mold and grim, further contributing to its superiority in terms of sanitation. Removing the shower door could be a great way to magnify the beauty and utility of your bathroom!

Think “Nature”

While you might associate a curbless shower with a modern (i.e., “industrial”) aesthetic, there are several curbless shower ideas featuring natural materials that can instantly exude a more organic energy. Use real (or faux) stone tiles, wood beams, plants, and bamboo cabinets and accents to create a mini rainforest right in your own home!

Play with Tile

If stone isn’t your jam, look at using other types of tile to create a head-turning pattern on your curbless shower wall. Tile, in and of itself, is the foundation of any bathroom, and using it to create an interesting mosaic or placing it in an unusual layout, or even just picking an unexpected tile color can turn your curbless shower idea into a show-stopping work of art.

Go For the View

Another innovative curbless shower idea to consider is adding a view to your shower.  One of the main advantages of a curbless shower is the illusion of space it creates. You can magnify this perception by installing a window in the shower stall. Of course, you’ll need to ensure the window is properly tinted to ensure privacy, but a window in the actual shower area will enhance the light pouring into the space and help increase the feeling of openness in the bathroom as a whole.

Want to Learn More?

There are countless other curbless shower ideas to add to these that can make your next bathroom renovation a one-of-a-kind success. To learn more about your options and discuss the features you can’t live without, please contact our team of professional designers at Capitol Kitchen and Bath. We can help you review the curbless shower ideas (and other bathroom gadgets) that best match your own unique sense of style and maximize your budget.

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