Popular Bathroom Cabinet Ideas For Your Next Renovation

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The bathroom is an important space in any home. We get ready there in the morning, and we wind down there at night. Indeed, we all spend a lot of time in the bathroom, but, unfortunately, not all bathrooms are designed for functionality or convenience. Many lack simple design features that allow us to both start and end our day on a pleasant note. Take a look at three specific bathroom cabinet ideas that can be used during your next renovation to add style and function to an outdated bathroom design and, thus, make your days a bit easier to face:

Standard Base Bathroom Cabinetsbathroom cabinet ideas

A standard base bathroom cabinet is 36” wide and can be usually dropped directly into an existing space. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest bathroom cabinet ideas to employ if you want to instantly change the look of your bathroom. A well-designed vanity with hidden drawers and organizer can provide instant storage opportunities since the area below the sink bowl and/or countertop can be used to house items like towels, toiletries, medicine, soap, toilet paper, hair styling tools, and more. In fact, adding additional storage space is one of the most requested features of homeowners looking to renovate a bathroom. It’s for good reason, too: in addition to helping hide common bathroom essentials, a well-organized space has been shown to actually improve mental well-being by eliminating clutter and distractions and reducing stress! 

Free-Standing Bathroom Cabinets

Another bathroom cabinet idea to consider during a renovation is the free-standing cabinet. Free-standing cabinets typically look like pieces of furniture, which permits a more customized design. In addition, free-standing cabinets are very versatile since almost any type of table or cabinet can be repurposed for bathroom use. And, like standard base cabinets, free-standing cabinets can have enclosed or open storage compartments, enabling homeowners the ability to fashion a truly personalized space while still adding valuable storage space.

bathroom cabinet ideas

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Cabinets

A third bathroom cabinet idea is to install a wall-mounted cabinet. These types of cabinets are attached to the wall approximately 12 inches from the floor and, therefore, appear to be floating. Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets create a perception of spaciousness, making them an especially good choice for smaller bathrooms or those with a minimalistic aesthetic.

Want to Learn More?

There are many features to consider when renovating a bathroom. These bathroom cabinet ideas are just a few of them. To learn about other bathroom design elements and trends that could improve the style and function of your own bathroom project, please contact our experts at Capitol Kitchen and Bath.

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