4 Signs It’s Time for a Kitchen Countertop Replacement

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Your kitchen’s countertops suffer daily abuse. Not only do they provide a surface for you to prepare meals, they also serve as a catchall for the detritus of everyday living: the mail, books, groceries, and other random “stuff” that get thrown on the countertop as you and others move in and out of the heart of your home. While quality countertops can — and do — last decades (even centuries!), most homeowners can expect to replace their kitchen countertops after 10-15 years. In addition to normal wear and tear, kitchen countertops often grow outdated, representing a style that no longer resonates with nor accommodates contemporary living. Here are a few signs that it’s time to talk about a kitchen countertop replacement:

Your Countertops are Cracked, Chipped, or Otherwise Degraded 

While many natural materials (such as stone and wood) are especially hardy, surviving 100 years or more in some spaces, it’s unlikely that there won’t be evidence of erosion in your countertops at some point in time. Gouges in wood surfaces, cracks in laminate, chips, and dings to marble and granite, stains, burns, and scratches, are all issues that inevitably occur with even the most high-end countertops. It’s time for a kitchen countertop replacement when the accumulation of these defects limits the effectiveness of the countertop’s use and/or supersedes your tolerance for the countertop’s overall appearance.

Your Countertops Appear Dated

Unless you live in a historic home, it’s likely you don’t want your kitchen countertops to scream their age. Let’s face it, styles change, and what might have been considered fashionable ten years ago is not always considered chic now. You should think about a kitchen countertop replacement if your current counters represent a specific trend that has long since been the rage, choosing instead a classic material and design (like granite with an eased or bullnose edge) that can withstand the test of time.

Your Needs Change

A family’s needs change over time, and those changes often precipitate a kitchen countertop replacement. For instance, if you add small children to a home, you need to think about their safety. Kitchen countertops with hard lines can be dangerous since their sharp edges could injure small passersby. Replacing your mitered- or square-edged countertops with rounded or beveled edges would be warranted in this case since these types of countertop edges pose less risk to everyone in the home. Likewise, a kitchen countertop replacement might be needed if there are especially tall or short occupants living in the home or anyone in a wheelchair, as they would require custom countertops adjusted for their height.

At the end of the day, however, if your cabinets are also showing a bit of wear, it’s best to complete a full remodel and replace your cabinets and countertops at the same time because once those countertops are sealed, signed, and delivered, they’re here to stay!

You Want to Increase the Value of Your Home

One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is to replace all or part of your kitchen. A kitchen countertop replacement can instantly improve the appearance of your home, but it’s not as expensive an endeavor as a full-blown kitchen renovation, making it a good option for getting the most bang for your buck!

Want to Learn More? 

Of course, these are just a few of the reasons you might consider a kitchen countertop replacement. If you’ve been wondering about options for replacing kitchen countertops in your own home and whether or not it would be a good investment, please contact our team at Capitol Kitchen and Bath.

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